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Tui Trust is supported by grants, community sponsorship, individual sponsors, volunteers, the sale of books we have published, fundraisers events and other Tui Trust products.

 How you can help 

If you would like to help us please email or scroll down for a variety of donation and sponsorship options. Tui Trust is a registered charity and any donation you make is tax deductible.

If you would like to donate directly please call us on 027 232 2440 or email for our Tui Trust Account Number or donate directly to our give-a-little campaign. Your sponsorship will support a child's education pathway in accordance with our Strategic Plan 2022-2024.



If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer we have projects on the go where volunteering would benefit both of us. We are supportive of all our volunteers and offer opportunities to grow and learn. Our volunteers positions would suit people interested in childhood education and supporting children and whānau with high needs particulary tamariki with learning disabilities. If you would like more information please email for our volunteer positions.


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Tui Trust products and support packages help tamariki with the costs associated with education. Starting mid 2022 one of the areas we will focus on neuro-diverse children struggling with the basics particularly literacy living in Hamilton in the North Waikato Communities. We will provide holistic support with the goal to improve educational and life outcomes for each child. Attention will be given to tamariki with developmental, neurological, learning/behavioural disabilities, ADHD, FASD autism or conditions that affects a child's ability to learn. We aim to assist children with complex developmental issues with diagnostics and support. It is crucial that all children are educated in a way that; (a) best suits their learning needs; and; (b) will positively impact their educational journey. Our long-term goal is to support these same children throughout their entire educational journey at their key milestones.

We will ensure your support gets to our most vulnerable tamariki based in Hamilton and Waikato region. We will send a message to the recipients on your behalf if you wish - when you place an order/donation you can write your message and we will fill out a card and pass onto recipient.


Kia kaha, and thank you!


- we are a Registered NZ Charity

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