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 Our Team  

We are Governed by the Tui Trust Board of Trustees, Board Associates and supported by financial, cultural, education advisors and volunteers. Tui Trust has a Board Executive who manages daily operations and project management.


Our Documents:

  • Tui Trust Statement of Intent.

  • Tui Trust Annual Report 2023.




Tania Simpson

Passionate about Māori culture, Aotearoa’s natural environment, education and the rights of all people to live a good life Tania founded Tui Trust in 2003 to support these principles, and to undertake projects and raise funds that can make a meaningful contribution towards achieving positive outcomes in these four areas.



Craig Barrett

Business Advisor, Director of Bakertilly Staples Rodway Hamilton. Craig as extensive audit, assurance and consulting experience which has allowed business value and advice to our team.




Piki Knap

Piki has supported Tui Trust since 2003 and has a history of working in the education management industry and is committed to providing professional advice in the four key areas of Education, Environment, Business and Culture.

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Lee Major

Lee has supported Tui Trust since 2019 and has a history of working with schools and children with intellectual disabilities. Lee is a graphic designer, creative, efficient industry veteran having published over 60 books for clients predominantly in the arts and education sectors.

P 027 232 2440





Fonteyn Moses-Te Kani

Head of Māori, Iwi, Diversity and Inclusion at Westpac New Zealand Ltd. Specialises in Partnership brokering for philanthropic, governmental and non-governmental organisations, particularly in the areas of business and community development.

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Natalie Muller

With many years working in the NZ education sector from early childhood, through to primary and secondary school Natalie has a passion for teaching the next generation of leaders. Natalie has extensive experience with working with vulnerable children and co-ordinating wrap-around services for whaanau and tamariki.


AGM 2023

The Tui Trust Board approved its Annual Report 2023 at our AGM on September 8, 2023. The Financial Accounts show that the activity has a strong focus on educational and health projects for children and families particularly in high needs communities.


AGM 2022

Photo taken at our Tui Trust 2022 AGM in the Puna Koorero Room, Trust Waikato, Little London Lane, Hamilton. Left: Danielle, Trust Waikato Communications Manager and to her right Piki Knap, Tui Trust Board Chair, Lee took the photo.

agm photo flat.png

AGM 2021

Photo taken at our Tui Trust 2021 AGM at Bakertilly Staples Rodway Boardroom. From left: Mandeep Sidhu, Piki Knap, Rerewha-i-te-rangi Pita, Tania Simpson and Raewyn Kirkman. 


AGM 2019

Photo taken at our Tui Trust 2019 AGM at our Hamilton Offices. From left: Brent Goldsack, Rerewha-i-te-rangi Pita, Fonteyn-Moses Te Kani, Lee Major (Tui Trust Executive), Piki Knap, Tania Simpson and Phil Harris.

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