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Caring for our Environment

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Conscious of the effect we have on our environment we use recycled practices in all that we do and ensure we adopt practices that care for our planet.

Paper industries world-wide have worked incredibly hard to ensure their practices are sustainable, ethical while caring for their environment. Given that one of our main goals over the next few years is raising literacy rates we acknowledge the work that printing industries have taken on to ensure the books produced are in-line with international agreements. Dyslexic or neurodiverse kids cannot learn to read by using on-line programes only, they need interaction and are taught by reading books and practice their writing and essay skills.

The Trust supports Office Max Carbon Neutral Copy Paper for all our printing requirements. It is packaged in a non-plastic, recyclable wrapper that is biodegradable and compostable. This paper is great for everyday printing and copying, and is ideal for use at home or the office to produce printed documents of a professional standard.

  • Office Max is a Silver sponsor Max e-Grants. programme for children in need.

  • Carbon Neutral Products.

  • FSC Forest Stewardship Council.

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Food Sovereignty - working in balance with our environment
 Maara Kai Garden to Table Project

This project will teach our communities the skills they need to grow sustainable gardens and work in balance with the environment. Over 2024 we will support whānau and children interested in growing their own vegetables. If you would like more information please email us at

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