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Photo: opening Ceremony at the Creating a Literate Community Conference in October 2022 at the Hamilton Gardens. Our team from the left: Ken Burt, Kaden Redward, Mabel Wharekawa-Burt, Olwyn Johnston, Natalie Muller and Brian Mitchell.

VIDEO: Session One - Dr Olwyn Johnston - how we got in this mess why our kids can't read.

VIDEO: Session Two - Natalie Muller, how poverty affects students learning and other main barriers.

VIDEO: Session Three - Dr Olwyn Johnston - 'The Kiwi Reading Doctor' how to we improve literacy rates including lessons plans.

Lifting literacy rates for children including those with learning diversities, neurological differences


We discussed how we can support and teach children with learning disabilities/diversities by using explicit, systematic, and sequential teaching of literacy at multiple levels. Facilitated by Mabel Wharekawa-Burt with guest speakers Dr Olwyn Johnston and Natalie Muller we aim to discover how we can best help schools, children and whānau to lift the literacy rates for struggling students. It is crucial that all children are educated in a way that; (a) best suits their learning needs; and; (b) will positively impact their educational journey. You will learn about the past, present and help plan the future for struggling readers who have the potential to be GREAT readers with the correct intervention.

There are children in primary, intermediate and high school who cannot access the curriculum efficiently because they cannot yet read. For 10-15% of the population, the underlying causes of reading difficulties can often be as a result of the neurological differences. Join us to discuss how we can make the best investment for successful literacy outcomes for our children. Full project brief our work

We are grateful to Trust Waikato

NZ Lottery Grants Board for their support

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Funding 2023. We have funding available for schools, teachers, parents and caregivers who would like Structured Literacy Training. If you are a SL qualified tutor or practitioner who have tamariki or whānau that require support please get in touch. Please complete this form or email and we will call you to discuss your options. Please allow between 4-6 weeks to process funding and project packages. 

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