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Our sponsorship packages can be sent as a gift to a child with learning disabilities/diversities to lift their literacy rates, provide diagnostics, tutors or other support. Large sponsorships would enable us to support schools to set up literacy units. We have a strong emphasis of providing support to children who are years behind their peers. Reading is a foundational skill that is vitally important we get right.

Lifting literacy rates, from ...

SKU: Sponsorship
  • From mid 2022 we will be supporting enrolled tamariki who are well behind their peers, in particular those with literacy issues. There will be attention given to tamariki with developmental, neuro-diverse, learning disabilities/differences, ADHD, autism or any condition that affects a child's ability to learn effectively. If we can identify children with learning disabilities early, we can ensure they receive evidenced based structured intervention/instruction. 100% of your donation will support a child with a learning disability.

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