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No Tuawhakarere - Te Rohe Pootae – Through the Lens is a compilation of over 160 historical images relating to the Te Rohe Pootae region. The images are beautifully presented and reflect the life of Maori in the King Country region between the late 1800s and early 1900s. Compiled for Tui Trust by Shane Te Ruki and Piki Knap

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  • The images contained in this publication represent only a small part of taonga photographs that are held in library, museum and private collections through the country. This publication is merely to tip of the iceberg and captures a particular time and place in history. We hope that this publication raises awareness about historical images and their relevance and importance for whanau, hapu and iwi moving forward.


    Our intention  is to inspire others to conduct their own research, collate and share images and information amongst tribal members our tupuna stories and memories are not lost. We also hope that all those photographs that are stored in boxes, under eds, in the roof and wardrobe get to see the light of day again to tell their own stories and that these are preserved and passed onto future generations. 

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