Structured Literacy for older students

Evidence based research and the teaching of reading, spelling and writing

Homeschool printable worksheets including alphabet practice

Facebook Group, Dr Olwyn Johnson

Advocates for children around the globe with dyslexia

An incredible array of Structured Literacy Resources, decodable books and numeracy

An Australian organisation with a comprehensive assembly of resources.

Debbie Hepplewhite phonics website

Report by Steen Videbeck: The New Zealand Initiative


Over the coming months we will be updating this page regularly with links to literacy resources, PD, training, texts and publications which we hope will help those wishing to support children with learning difficulties. Our focus for the immediate future is lifting literacy rates for at-risk children with learning disabilities/differences in the Waikato.

Please check back again  ....

Please note that we do not benefit financially from publishing these materials - the sole purpose of this page is to serve as a link to science/evidence-based literacy resources and publications for all those interested to support tamariki literacy in New Zealand. The views expressed in the resources may not reflect the views and opinions of the Trust. We recommend that people conduct their own research and make decisions based their opinions and needs. If you have evidence/science-based NZ literacy resources you would like to share please email

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